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Album Info changes

Hi there fellow users,

is there a way for me to edit the album info like itunes? the thing is my music is very personalized (own album art and album tittle) or sometimes winamp just does not get the auto-tag thing right and it means i have to back to each song of the album and edit one by one. sometimes i might type one wrong letter (like Monterrey, MX 2005/12/07, quita a handful)and so when i turn my FLACs into mp3 to itunes to have on my ipod it means that song is in a different album, so now i not only have to fix the info on itunes, it also means i have to go back to the flac files and edit my info in winamp... that sucks.

just wanna know if there is a way to just select some songs and edit that album's info in one shot
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