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good news

thanks to contrubition(s) from you guys, i was able to recover my source, the program i got didnt want to extract the whole directory at once so i had to do the files one at a time, then peice them back together. for about two hours i chased my tail trying to figure out why it was compiling but getting run times errors, and was twice the size of the one i compiled before i lost it... turned out i was in debug mode (doh), but the point is it works!

i've also updated my website, its not to much but its a start. i wrote out a changelog for what i've done so far, and the latest soruce is on there too, i havent gone through and commented in it yet, but i'll keep updating it as i go. also all the beta prests are on there, for some reason i split them up between artists, sounded like a good idea, but almost all of them are remixs of something from someone. threw in some screen shots, click them for fullsize, not the best screenshots but hey its my first time taking them so...

oh and my webhost's site says that they'll delet my site if it doesnt get like 4 clicks on there little webhosting banner for every 2000 hits or somthing like that, anyway click if ya like the site, they have "pretty" good deals on webhosting(that you actualy pay for) at least if you like asp.net and mysql

anyway heres the link
source, changelog, presets, good fun

edit: oh ya and i got my presets back too, theres a few new ones(beta5) on my site(in one of the zips, who knows, i was up way to late last night) if my memory serves me correctly they use my beatdection updated to use sound() insted of eo.s's wave feedback(although i wanna work that in somehow too)

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Way to go!!! thank you. If you have time one day, can you make your site a little narrower so that ppl with lower screen res ( like standard plasma 800 x 600 pixels) don't have to scroll across?
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Good news indeed.

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redi jedi
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@arberation - sure i can do that, it's still a work in progress, if you didnt knowtice the title for all the pages is webform1(oops), i also plan on adding a wishlist page stating what i am working on now, and what i want to get done, and what others would like to see done(even if i dont think i can do it)

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