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Move Audio/Music Source Master to another disk

Want to move the master source folders to another disk drive. Want to preserve all editing that I have done in the Audio Local Media File. Have all Playlists backed up but I believe they all point to the Local Media File so that should not be a problem. So, it is just the original source of music that is what I want to move. Any solutions would be appreciated
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The Media Library stores all its data in Winamp\Plugins\ml (somewhere in %appdata%\Winamp for multi-user settings). The playlists which are stored there have full filepaths in them so they will be broken by the move. If you to fix them look further down this post for the solution.

To maintain the Media Library database, you will need to change the filepaths which are stored in it. You cannot edit the database directly with a text or hex editor as Winamp will report it as broken and then probably crash. The way to do it is to use the ml_impex plugin. Once you have installed it follow these instructions.

First I would suggest that you make a backup of the entire Winamp folder. This will allow you to restore it if everything goes pear-shaped.

Now open Winamp and the Media Library, look for the toolbar in the ML window and go to File -> Export Database. Choose a location to save the file. If another box comes up when you hit save that asks if you want to export everything or just iTunes compatable files, say everything.

Now open the xml file that you just generated in a text editor (like Notepad) and then use its search and replace function to change the drive from X: to Y:. If you are also changing the path, do that as well. (This will also work for playlists) Hit save.

This is optional, but once you have moved your files you should nuke the ML database. In Winamp open Prefs -> Media Library -> Local Media -> Options tab, press the Clear Media Library button.

Now everything should be set to import the xml database. In the Media Library window go to File -> Import Database. Load the xml file and everything should be set.

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