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winamp shuffle bug

I just downloaded the latest version of winamp, it took me several minutes to configure it and whatever. Afther the second time i started winamp i noticed that winamp played the last song in my playlist and after that it went straight from 1 to the last.. i checked that shuffle is on. When i turn shuffle off, the order of the songs are the same, but when i turn it back on then it plays the last song again, and goes straight from 1 to the last again.. WTH ?
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File problem?

Hey 'The_grim',

I am not trying to insult your intelligence here, but if you loaded the music from a playlist that you saved before, and you moved your music around, it is possible that the song simply is not found (because the song is not at the location stored in the playlist anymore) and that winamp continues to the next song.

You can check this by playing the first song, and then clicking the next button. If winamp then moves to the end of the playlist song by song it can't find it.

Winamp also has the option to remove missing files from the playlist. Just open the playlist editor and press Alt+Delete and all missing files will be removed from the playlist.
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Ahh, nope.
I have the songs at their places (where my playlist describes them). The songs are all played but in that weird order i mentioned. Also since then, i tryed reinstalling winamp, the result was the same. But i have an older version v5.08c. It is working perfectly but it does not support my 6.1 speaker system.. If i reinstall the most recent version, the result is the same again..
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Exact Same Problem

Hey Grim,

Go visit the WinAMp Technical Support forum and the same shuffle problem appears there.

I've gotten No Where with Tech Help so try this:

I just downloaded MediaMonkey and it is working PERFECTLY!

So I figure that I'll check back with WinAmp from time to time to see if they have an upgrade that fixes the problem that they don't seem to believe exist

At least in the meantime we will have something that works.

Hope it helps,
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Same Problem

I have the same problem on my computer BUT only on the guest acccount of windows xp.

I just recently installed XP PRO and i am setting it up to have a guest and an administrator account so that i can limit the file access of the guest account and improve security. i installed winamp under the administrator account and now when i use winamp in the guest account it cannot shuffle songs properly (however, it works fine under the aministrator account).

I tried giving the guest account full file access rights in the winamp install folder but this did not help.

if i find a solution to this problem i will post it here as perhaps others are having the same problem.
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I can't NOT experience this bug. I have winamp installed on 4 machines, but just recently decided to start using the guest accounts on 3 of them. Sure enough, shuffle doesn't work. Tried the other machine that I wasn't planning on using the guest account on, just to see if it had the same problem. Yep. If I give the guest account administrator privileges, it fixes the shuffle bug, but that isn't a usable fix.

Would be nice if we could find out what directories the user account needs write access to for shuffle to work. I tried giving full access to the guest account to the winamp directory, "C:\Program Files\Common Files", and "C:\Documents and Settings\Admin" (and all its sub-directories, but that didn't help. Is there a directory under C:\Windows that the account needs access to? Or the root directory?
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To elaborate, one of the computers experiencing this bug is a laptop that I just bought about a month ago, that I put a fresh installation of WinXP on, simply installed Winamp, and didn't change a single setting because I wanted to verify that the shuffle problem wasn't being caused by anything "unique" that I was doing on my other 3 computers.

All I did after the Winamp installation from the admin account, was log off, log on to the guest account, open up Winamp, select the "modern" skin (because it prompts you for a skin choice when you first run Winamp), add about 10 songs to the playlist, turn on shuffle, push play, and begin pushing "next" to see if songs were picked randomly or in the unwanted, sequential, order. Sure enough, it jumps straight to the last song, then the first, second, third, etc. straight thru.

Shuffle works when I go back into the admin account and do the same thing in Winamp. And, like I said earlier, it works on the guest account if I make the guest account part of the Administrators group.

Someone in another forum suggested deleting %appdata%/winamp/winamp.ini while Winamp is closed.

Tried deleting that file. I also noticed that I don't have an "appdata" environment variable, so I added that (set to "C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\Application Data"), restarted, deleted winamp.ini. Still no luck. I even tried going into the "Administrative Tools"->"Local Security Settings" program, and under "Local Policies"->"User Rights Assignment", for every policy that had the Administrators group, I added the Guests group. So you'd think that this would make the Guest account have the same access as it does when I make it a member of the Administrators group in the "Computer Management" program. But that didn't work either (and I did try restarting the computer after doing that). My plan was to do that, see that it works, then start removing the Guests group from each policy one by one until shuffle stopped working. Then I'd know what policy that the Guest account needed to be a part of to use shuffle.

So still, the only way I've gotten it to work is by making the Guest account a member of the Administrators group. This sauce is weak.
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Im having the exact same problem, its just under my guest account. I posted my problem here:


I will try promoting my guest account to an admin, as that is possible for my setup. Thanks

Edit: No luck, with the guest account as either a 'user' or admin

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Bah, the exact same problem just started happening. Winamp 5.541 - random shuffle starts with the last track, then jumps to the first and continues as if not in shuffle mode. Really annoying.

The *only* thing that changed before this started was the location of the music - I moved the directory from the top of the drive down one level.

[Edit: Updating fixed it -- sorry for the noise]
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