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killing the server via cgi (unix variant)

i was able to successfully start my shoutcast server (freeBSD) via cgi, but now i cannot stop it.

i've tried making shell scripts that kill -9 $PID and killall sc_serv

both give me generalized cgi errors, so i can't tell what the problem is...but i KNOW i don't have root....so thatz prolly it..

is there ANY way to kill the server via the sc_serv command???
or is there another script/binary that will kill that bastard w/o having root?????

my main problem is needing to reload my .conf file...if i can do this w/o killing my server, i'd be happy too!!
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I am not the best at Linux but if you can't kill the process than I would think the directory is owned by root. I think the ownership should goto group wheel or someone else. I can't remember. I think the only ways to stop it is by a ctrl+C or a kill -TERM.
Signals support is included on UNIX. Issuing a SIGHUP (kill -HUP) will force the DNAS to close and re-open the logfiles (useful for logfile rotation.) Also, SIGWINCH (kill -WINCH) will reload the following config file items.

What does kill -9 mean?
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If memory serves me correct....a kill -9 kills all processes connected with that pid....it`s a descriminate final-solution sort of thing....a last resort
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Hey, I'm kind of new to shoutcast in a sense, had it a while but havn't gotten it working. Anyway it seems like you are running this on a seperate server from your own comp. I need this because I run through a router and firewall and other's can't connect. I really need to know how to run SHOUTcast so the signal is sent to the server by my comp(NOT RETRIVED) and so the public can access SHOUTcase via the server. Help appreciated.
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