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volume turns itself down

About every 10-15 minutes, the volume (the little speaker on my bottom toolbar) slides to the bottom, not mute, but turned all the way down. I have checked technical support with Winamp, Soundblaster and Microsoft and tried all the various fixes. It only does this when I am in WinAmp. I have tried disabling the volume control in Winamp preferences but doesn't make any difference. I just downloaded the latest WinAmp about 3 weeks ago. I use Soundblaster 5.1 and have the latest driver, I read the support about removing a certain soundblaster file but don't see it loaded on the Winamp recent version. I have XP and have scanned for all viruses,spyware, etc. I also have soundblaster listed on the output under Direct Sound output. Any suggestions other than what Dell suggested, reinstalling Windows? Thank you.
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Lewis Holt
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Are you using any other applications that may adjust the volume? (Either simultaneously or on separtate instances.) If so, you may need to disable their volume controls. For me, it was QMP's crossfading output. Otherwise I'd keep checking the FAQ and maybe reconfigure your DirectSound.
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I don't have QMP installed and am running just Winamp. I have tried both DirectSound as well as waveOut but but turn the volume down after about 11-15 minutes. I appreciated your input, Lewis.
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I am replying to my earlier problem to possibly assist others out there. I was having problems with my volume slider sliding all the way to the bottom (turning off) after about 10 minutes. It seems I have solved the problem, I believe it was my screensaver which was set to come on after 10 minutes of inactivity. I lengthened the time and no more volume sliding down. Yahoo!!
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Red Mullet
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Maybe you have one plugin in output that fix your volume control downs.
Check your input & output plugins if there sre plugins cause this reason unistall it.
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