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Internet radio broadcasts...need help

Very brief...my friends and I set up an internet radio show. There is more than one dj, and we broadcast at different times from our respective houses. This makes for a bunch of ips that are used as the server. We need one and only one, that we can all connect to and use to broadcast. How do we go about doing that? I bought a web domain and it has a shared ip, nameservers etc.. but there is no way to set them up as a broadcasting ip is there?
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post in the correct forum next time please or i'll punish you.

all you need is a server with shoutcasting software and a very fast connection to the internet.

purchasing a domain name will only mask the servers IP address. Thats all a domainname does.
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you need to determine whos internet upload speed is fastest and let that be the server, you dont need a bunch of servers for a bunch of dj;s that will be on at different times.

the DJ's that want to broadcast pull up your shoutcast page at hostnameoriport, login to admin and kick the source (current dj) off and they can then broadcast.

I dont think you have a clue about hostname, ip , dns and broadcasting. You can broadcast without a domain name on your home internet connection, or get a free dynamic host address that points to your ip address and software can be installed on your system that updates the ip to host relation ship.

If you have a full blown hosting account, you need shell/roo/admin access to install the shoutcast server, if its a shared or vps server the chances that you can run shoutcast are slim as shoutcast takes tons of bandwidth.

Read the sticky posts in this forum. THEY ARE ON THE FIRST PAGE. they contain how-tos, how and hints and links to sites that have walk throughs.

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