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Ripping CD's that use indexing

I was wondering if/how Winamp can rip CD's using indexes other then :1

If you're unfamiliar with what I'm talking about CD's use two major types of "locating" or data positioning for lack of a better way to put it. Almost every CD player in the world for what ever stupid reason assumes a CD's audio is located at Track X index 1. The reality is you can have up to 99 sub indexes on a single track.

To explain further this reality was used to hide the secret song on the X-Files CD by putting the song on Track 1 Index 0 thus the average CD player would skip it never letting anyone know it was there. To push this most CD players didn't have index buttons after a while so you had to hold your rewind button to find the track. My old player has index buttons and CD's like Areo Smith's Pump used track indexing to split up songs from intro and the Tea Party also used indexing on their Transmission album.

So basically you end up with chunks of a CD missing if programs like Winamp ignore indexing, and it does. So is there a way to rip these non :1 indexed tracks? Most the CD's I have that use this technique are using Track X Index 0 so to hear a segway between songs the player bust read Track 5:0 rather then assume and jump to 5:1.

Please advise and thanks in advance.
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the only ripper that I can think of that does this is EAC.
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