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what happened to shoutcast??

its been in a current decline its to the point that its like listening to the car radio... if i wanted to hear garbage i would just sit in the car.

why so much edited garbage? seriously its internet radio unedited music please

anyone have any links to unedited english rap/hip hop all this german crap aint cutting it either....

i thought shoutcast had standards....

i really miss flossinradio what happened to those guys?
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What did you mean with german crap?
There are only two big german radios in the SHOUTcast Top 10 (TechnoBase.FM and RauteMusik.FM) and i can`t find any crap music or shows there.
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We dont make radio for rippers, we make radio for real listeners. SHOUTcast has a standard for good radios and the german ones are not crap! If you are searching for some unedited music, go to AOL Music shop, iTunes Music Store or whatever...
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rippers? lol ok sure whatever

if anything i have found more music because of flossin radio stuff ive never heard before artists that ive never heard before that i now support its a shame u jump the gun on this one good job!

anyways its a shame that there isnt more channels that are like flossin they did a great job at reaching their target audience and edited music blows its like listening to the radio and that goes for any genre

and under the uncategorized rap/hiphop there is a ton of techno rnb top40 and german stations its very confusing and frustrating then when u find something good its edit /sigh i think thugzone is only unedited station on shoutcast but their bandwidth is low and just dirty south can get tiring =/ but good job you guys!

oh and thanks for the ripping tip next time flossin is online i will rip their stream for a day and then have something to listen to when they are down! lol
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God I wish I was admin right now, publicly announcing your going to rip music. Thats not something to be proud of. Thats why your favorite radio stations get shot down, they cant afford the licensing fees because of stream rippers.

As far as looking for your specific flavor, I know the Loudcity directory has at least 2 stations proud of uncensored music. I know SWhost has a few as well.

Dont knock the Germans. I am USN and even I can tell you with no doubt, they lead the forefront on Industrial music and music software (Fruity Loops is testimony of that)

KNSJ.org 89.1 FM San Diego
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I beg to differ, there are many different hip hop stations with unedited music, mine being one of them, ocsdradio.com - you need to search the genres and find what you like. Theres tons of stations like mine and FlossinRadio..
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Damb Germans

The beauty of shoutcast is it has a search feature,use it right and you will find what you want.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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The other beauty of SHOUTcast is that the software is free. If you can't find a quality station that suits your tastes, then make one that does.
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Most of our stuff is unedited at Smoothbeats.com, and we play very little mainstream pop music that you'd hear on FM radio. Our playlist is primarily classic old-school hiphop and newer music from underground and independent artists.

hiphop / nujazz
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I feel a rush of stations advertising coming on ...

Thread Locked for now

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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