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more Movie/TV Show oriented

I'm not quite sure if it's been posted about, I did search a bit but couldn't find much. I've been using this program since age 10 and just awhile back decided to throw away iTunes for winamp to be my primary media player. I've got a lot of hope invested into winamp and definitely believe it'll stand number 1 to many others, I just think there are a few things that would help.

First thing's first, I think the more oriented winamp becomes with video files for movies, tv shows, etc the more usage and popularity it'll bring in. Right now I get aggravated when looking for movie info and all it searches for is artist info.

In regards to that, I have several ideas.. one being that I could "automatically retrieve" movie art, info, etc.. whether it be sourced through IMDb or whoever, I think that'd be great. Another being that I see so many similarities between movie cataloging software and winamp, though not fully strung together, yet. I believe it'd be great to have movie cataloging incorporated into winamp for better video organization, it's already got plenty of the tools for it on there, just need a plugin source for info, haha if it's that simple...

One of the main reasons I left iTunes was for the simple fact it only played mp4 and mov files, I hated converting all my videos, really time consuming and ruined the picture and video/audio sync a lot of the time. I want a player that can show off my collection with decent sized album covers and yet also play my collection too. The one thing to show off most would be the cover artwork and yet that's one of the main things minimized in winamp which I'm not a big fan of. Even if you set the view up to see the little tiny cover for the movie, the descriptions are all wrong (still has the audio descriptions- artists, track, album, etc).. with the limited view, the column descriptions are correct, but not when you want to use the album view.

I'm not sure if these things are simple to do on my own, or if I'm being redundant with another poster's thread, but I'm sure many people other than just myself who want to use all their media files under one player would love this.. because not only is music worth showing off extensive collections, but movies as well.

I kinda rambled a bit and may not have explained myself the best, but feel free to ask for any clarity needed.

EDIT**** I did leave out one thing. Honestly, had iTunes been more open to it's video formats that it accepted I probably would have stayed with them and just used winamp for music.. I know plenty of people driven away by iTunes for that simple reason. I believe it's got a great layout, different sections for music, for movies, for tv shows, etc.. it also displays all of your content immaculately, art cover wise... so really, that's the one main thing I'd love to see.. options for viewing your movies by name and cover art, rather than all the other stuff.. or atleast making it an option to change. IF THIS IS POSSIBLE ALREADY, feel free to tell me I'm dumb for wasting 10 minutes typing this and fill me in on how please
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