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History of the War or Destruction and Creation Chapter 3

Chapter 3! Also a mod. Been busy/lazy/traveling so not much time for presets, that should change soon, once I wake up this week.

In this post:

Chapter 3:
-Unimportant Time
-Know your portals pt2

-Lightspeed and Zylot - Dune (Sandstorm Mix)



In the two years that followed, very few people were aware of the situation forming around them. During this time, Azirphaeli was waiting for any sign of "The Puzzle Solver" on his homeworld. He was also researching to see what possible puzzles needed to be solved. It was then that he learned of Deep 13, and the tunnel that lead to it. He figured out how to unlock all but the two remaining doors which grant access to the mystery hidden at the center of the planet. These last two... they were strange. To Azirphaeli, there was simply no concievable way to open the damn things. Even his incredibly vast knowledge could not figure it out. He had no choice but to wait.
All the while Narell was laying low, in an empty void between two galaxies. She knew she had to wait. She'd need to attack when everyone important is all in one place. Without those crazy mages to get in her way, she'd have all the time in the world. Anything "he" tried to pull she could figure out before hand. The only way to eventually destroy him was make sure she had enough time. With time, you can do anything.
In another place, Zigrot seemed content in his watery kingdom. Hiding from large preditors, befriending intelligent organisms, and generally having fun. We are told to make sure he stays alive, but don't know why quite yet. Well, he's alive.. that's always a plus.
(On another page, this one looking slightly different. Yes, a different kind of metal. It seems it was added into the book at a later time, and in a hurry.

Some of the words aren't etched in well, some were even left out. -Zylot)

We were not warned of this. In ano---- place, some--ere strange an- -ark. A man, we -r- t--- hi- na-- is M-r---t! -- -- ---hin- too. We didn't rea---e --'d ------ what wa- wrong. Thi- --- ---- we missed!

(On second glance, this seems to be a hastly written warning. The whole book seems like it's an instruction manuel.. for someone to read later. -Zylot)



Planar Portal: Like the Transdimensional Portal, this portal has the means to send you another dimension. The way it works, however, is quite different. Apon entering the Planar Portal, you will be safetly sent to what has been named "The Plane of Choice." You will then be surrounded by an endless row of "windows" which will take you to any dimension currently existing. Inside the windows are a kind of "Dimensional Code." This code is in the form of a color pattern, each one has a slightly different pattern, a misplaced line, or a small spot with a darker shade of blue then the others. If one could dechypher the code, the he's be able to determine not only what the difference between the the dimensions are, but what would happen if he entered them.


Lighspeed and Zylot - Dune (Sandstorm Mix)

Back on Cra'Letra, Zigrot was a fish out of water.. literally. Since his island was now, for whatever reason, a starport, he should have no problem getting a ship and finding out who was responsible.
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