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19 year old pleads guilty to taking part in spreading MSBlast


on msn
MSBlast suspect pleads guilty
Last modified: August 11, 2004, 3:14 PM PDT
By Declan McCullagh
Staff Writer, CNET News.com

A 19-year-old Minneapolis man pleaded guilty Wednesday to unleashing part of the MSBlast worm attack that wreaked havoc on the Internet last summer.

Jeffrey Lee Parson admitted creating the "MSBlast.B" variant, also called "teekids," by modifying the original version of the worm and adding a backdoor that granted him control of infected computers, federal prosecutors said.

"Sending out a computer worm may be viewed as a harmless prank," John McKay, a U.S. attorney, said in a statement. "But the damage to individual computer users is very real, and the penalties are also very real."

Sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 12 in Seattle before U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman. Parson could face between 18 and 37 months in prison on the charge of intentionally causing damage to a networked computer, plus possible restitution in the millions of dollars.

Parson was arrested in August 2003, just two weeks after the MSBlast worms began tunneling into hundreds of thousands of computers running Microsoft Windows. Microsoft had fixed the bug in July, but many Windows users were exposed to the malicious worm because they had not downloaded the patch.

How many computers were infected by the MSBlast.B variant is in dispute. Prosecutors claim the number is more than 48,000, but defense attorneys say the figure is lower. The number could affect the length of any prison sentence.

According to court documents filed last year, FBI agents traced traffic that the Blaster worm generated back to a Web site with a name that resembled Parson's online alias of "teekids." The site allegedly had source code for other worms, including one designed to spread via file-sharing networks.
more from http://msn-cnet.com.com/2009-1002_3-...html?tag=st_rn this may be old though

In just 24 hours, "MSBlast" exploded onto some 120,000 computers around the world, in spite of what some experts say was a less-than-spectacular programming job. A big part of the problem was that inattentive home users, and overbooked IT staffs, hadn't been able to put a patch in place, even though Microsoft had made it available in July. The Web will be watching over the weekend to see if Microsoft can dodge a denial-of-service attack expected to be launched by the worm.

Network operators: Worm still squirming
Earlier reports that network traffic caused by the MSBlast worm dropped 30 percent to 40 percent may not mean that the worm is slowing, a major provider of network services says.
August 15, 2003

Microsoft kills Net address to foil worm
The software giant eliminates the Windowsupdate.com address that the self-propagating MSBlast worm was set to attack.
August 15, 2003

Squashing the next worm
Another worm, another epidemic. Can companies find ways to halt the spread of self-propagating code?
August 15, 2003

Cleanup dampens Blaster worm
The MSBlast worm's infection rate is slowing as people and businesses disinfect compromised computers, say antivirus companies--though not everyone agrees it's all over yet.
August 14, 2003

Microsoft prepares to be Blasted
The giant hopes to be ready when hundreds of thousands of computers infected with the MSBlast worm start pelting its Windows Update service with data requests on midnight Friday.
August 13, 2003

Users race against worm, variants
As the "MSBlast" worm spreads to about 2,500 new computers per hour, antivirus firms say a new variant has been released and that patching is crucial.
August 13, 2003

Slapdash monster roams the Net
The latest threat to hit the Internet is a compilation of programs cobbled together to do a single job: spread far and wide.
August 13, 2003

Worm's spread shows holes in patch system
"MSBlast" supports the view that patches, while necessary to increase the security of specific computers, can't be relied upon to protect large networks.
August 12, 2003

IT hustle mutes impact
The "MSBlast" worm is forcing information technology staffs to work overtime, but the damage to systems and networks seems to be somewhat contained, at least in the working world.
August 12, 2003

'MSBlast' widespread but slowing
update The worm infects as many as 120,000 computers in 24 hours, but its pace drops off because of poor programming, security researchers say Tuesday.
August 12, 2003

Viruses, hackers hit a third of Net users
Almost one in every three surfers in the United States has been hit by either a computer virus or a hacker in the past two years, a new survey says.
August 12, 2003

Here we go again
perspectives CNET News.com's Charles Cooper says that after two decades' worth of Swiss cheese software security, the world's biggest supplier of operating system software has run out of excuses.
August 12, 2003
I bought a computer at the pawn shop. 1.47ghz 224mb ram 32 mb video card, 17 inch monitor, CDRW, zip disk, 40gb hard drive. 200 bucks, that was my first experience with the msblast. got rid of it in about an hour, and had a badass comp for 200 bucks

Havent had it since, even running one system with nothing to protect it but the ICF, still no problems.

they really took down windowsupdate.com?

yeah, i'm back.
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"Sending out a computer worm may be viewed as a harmless prank," John McKay, a U.S. attorney, said in a statement. "But the damage to individual computer users is very real, and the penalties are also very real."
Read: "..but the damage to corporations is very real, and their financial support is also very real."
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