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Alright, it's a bit of a crazy idea but...

Imagine accessorizing winamp? I mean, proprietary (branded, maybe that overtly Belgian orange scheme) accessories that only interact with winamp.

Some ideas:

Alarm clocks that are programmable, or have a programmable equalizer through an interface designed to customize the alarm clock.

Opaque novelty figurines or abstract lights that respond to your music being played in winamp.

I know it sort of seems lame, and maybe even unprofitable (accessorizing is more for when you are confident in your grasp of a market) but I think I would buy a reasonably priced accessory that interacted with Winamp myself, if not just to show it off at my house parties.

And don't worry about the time they are taking; it takes time to form an ironclad strategy
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Originally Posted by kingrastamon View Post
it takes time to form an ironnclad strategy..
Indeed.. First I would wait for Winamp to have a presence on the market and in every possible space (phones, cars, wearables, pre-installed on music devices, etc) and just THEN think about this kind of stuff.. One of the things I would do is branded glowing sticks and bracelets which pulse to the beat of music, to use in parties, concerts, festivals, etc..

And so on.. Ideas are everywhere, the key is the ability and / or the means to make it happen and how profitable it could be..
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