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Windows 7 Win+Tab rendering problem.

It's great that you guys are now supporting Windows 7 with this latest build. There is still one issue that is kind of big. I know for a long time Winamp had problems rendering previews in Vista/7, but it is still messed up. When I use Win+Tab to bring up the flipping window previews, Winamp takes up about 1/100th the area of other windows, irrespective of its actual size. Using Big Bento fullscreen has a preview that looks to be about the size of the Winamp classic main window. Granted, this is better than just seeing the Winamp logo, but it is still annoying.

Winamp does, however, seem to work well with Alt+Tab previews and taskbar previews. I'm guessing someone just decided to make the preview really small to save on resources.
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It's not really a bug. If you want a larger preview, it's a feature request.

When I look at other maximized programs like Firefox, they use a small preview in the taskbar/alt+tab flip view too. The preview for these programs also has a fixed maximum size, wich is independent from the real size.

I guess it's wanted, that the preview won't take too much space. Also I'm not sure, if there are limitations in general, which specify, how large a preview image can be. Additionally, I'm not too sure, if other people wouldn't moan, if the Bento preview would eat a lot of space.

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