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Personalized files sorting in library's lists ? [+ unpacking playlist]

here's a slight and lowly suggestion from my long-term and addicted use of the library's playlists : i might have missed a point, but I would like to be able to sort my added files in library's playlists (ml_playlists.dll) by other attributes of the tracks than "Title" or "Time" (particularly in order to range them by added date), just like the way we can sort the local medias in the local library plugin (ml_local.dll). Would it be hard to make it feasible ?

By the way, another suggestion I want to do, still concerning how to manage our files : i am also a big user of the playlist unpacker plugin (http://uploadgeneration.info/Winamp/...er/145249.html), this is why i think that its very useful functions would deserve to be intregated (and better developed) to the soft.

Thank you for reading, and please excuse my English !

Best regards !
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Its funny, i asked the same thing today! http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=379619

Sadly its not possible it seems but.. and maybe, just maybe, a some point itll be a feature based on DrO's comments.

Regarding the second request, there is Yar Matey does the same thing as that plugin, its updated plus its maintained by the main Winamp developer @DrO ! thats about as close as you can get to integration of that feature :P

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Bugger, this is what I want as well.

I've enabled the silence remover and the fading in DirectSound Output and I feel if I manage my playlists by BPM it'll be the closest possible to seamless playing.

Would make a well configured Winamp pretty close to an auto DJ
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