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media library scan crash

I know I've posted it before, but as the notes for 5.34 seem to suggest that the bug is thought to have been fixed, I thought I should mention it.

Winamp 5.34 _STILL_ crashes on media library scan/rescan, particularly on video files on external drives. I see there was a bug fix for scanning "video files on network drives" but this crash relates to video files on external (i.e. firewire) drives.

I have _COMPLETELY_ cleared out my media library, _COMPLETELY_ removed all the cache, .idx, and .vmd files from the ml folder, and winamp crashes on scanning video files _EVERY TIME_. At this point, I am completely unable to get video files into my media library.

Keep working, you might get it... eventually... I hope...

As always, I offer my help as an experienced coder (I assume this will be ignored).

- oldneuro
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Hmm, strange.

What are the details of the crash error message?

Windows OS?

What file formats?

AVI & MPG only? Other video formats associated with in_dshow.dll?

Or also WMV/ASF and NSV files? (or other video formats not associated with in_dshow.dll)

Does it crash instantly, as soon as it tries to scan the very first video file on the external drive, or does it only crash on specific files? (you can keep an eye on the scan progress in Prefs > Media Library > Watch Folders).

If specific files, then can you zip up and upload a sample file somewhere (eg. sendspace.com or mediafire.com) and post the download link here?

As it stands, we cannot reproduce the problem.
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This is on Windows XP x64 Edition (built on windows 2003 x64 code). Crashes on AVI and MPG only... I also associated .rm and .mov with in_dshow but they seem to be fine.
WMV, ASF seem fine.

Actually, the crash is not always on the first file of this type that is scanned. It seems random - first it'll crash on file 1, then file 2, then file 1 again, then file 3, etc (for example). Perhaps after 1000 tries it might succeed.

I have actually found a (rather annoying) work around:
delete everything from media library, delete all the watch folders, delete all the .dat, .vmd, .idx files, restart winamp, manually re-add the watch folders, then rescan the media library. Then it will work, and subsequent rescans will also work.

So I'd recommend that if you want to try this, try putting the file on an external drive, and adding it as a new watch folder and then rescanning, and hopefully you'll be able to reproduce the problem.

I wonder if the problem has to do with the upgrading to a new winamp version and the database being corrupted?

I wouldn't think the problem has to do with running x64 windows, but it's possible...
And my external drive is a prolific pl3507 firewire+usb2.0 enclosure with a western digital 320 gb eide hard drive.

Also, if you still can't reproduce the problem, perhaps it would be beneficial for you to VNC into my machine and see it happen on my system? Email me if you'd like to work that out.

Alright well, hope that helps.

- neuro
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