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Equalization settings are not stable

I think the equalization settings are not stable. To check this put the following code into display.m

Global Slider eq1;
eq1 = frameGroup.findObject("eq1");

EQ1.onEnterArea() {
int newpos = getEqBand(0);
int freqmode = eqwcg.getInt("frequencies"); // returns 0 for classical winamp levels, 1 for ISO levels
string f=" 60";
if (freqmode == 1) f="31.5";
float p=newpos;
string t="EQ " + f+"HZ " + floatToString((p*12)/127.,1)+"dB";
EQ1.onLeaveArea() {

You can also do this for other EQ sliders. Set a value on the slider, and then check it by moving the cursor off and on the button. Exit from Winamp. Start Winamp again and check the EQ setting for the first slider. I find that it often is different, and is often lower by 0.3dB. This is particularly true at +12 and at 0.

Does anyone have any ideas why this should happen?
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Yes. That's it. I noticed it since early Winamp5 releases. It always goes 3 units below after restart if adjusted using setEqBand() before.
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This problem also applies to saved settings, but not always. I found that -6dB and -12 are stable, but 0 and +12 were not stable. There is oabviously a bug here. Admittedly it will probably not be noticed by the vast majority of users unless they have extremely good hearing and are very critical about the sound.

So the problems are not a figment of my imagination or lack of coding ability.
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