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problems with users disconnecting

Hello there. I'm an admin of a radio called PlanetSide-Radio, and we are experiencing some heavy shoutcast issues.
Our setup is one main 80-user shoutcast server, wich are the first server in our listen.pls file.
The second server connects to the main server as a relayer.
Both servers are running SHOUTcast Distrubuted Network Audio Server/FreeBSD v1.9.4

It looks like both our shoutcasts servers are suddenly just disconnecting lots of listeners, without any errors in the logs.

I cant find anything in the logfiles that would say why, and I cant find any configuration entry that provides more debug'ed loglevel.

This is what basically happends:
(example output from the backup server that connects to the main server)

<08/23/04@13:21:18> [dest:] connection closed (1364 seconds) (UID: 2713)[L: 17]{Bytes: 84742****(P: 18)
<08/23/04@13:21:19> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2757)[L: 18]{A: QCDPlayer/4.51}(P: 13)
<08/23/04@13:21:25> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2758)[L: 19]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 17)
<08/23/04@13:21:39> [dest:] connection closed (0 seconds) (UID: 2757)[L: 18]{Bytes: 322661}(P: 13)
<08/23/04@13:22:18> [yp_tch] error connecting to yp.shoutcast.com
<08/23/04@13:22:19> [dest:] connection closed (1503 seconds) (UID: 2697)[L: 17]{Bytes: 9196846}(P: 0)
<08/23/04@13:22:19> [dest:] connection closed (1458 seconds) (UID: 2700)[L: 16]{Bytes: 8883831}(P: 4)
<08/23/04@13:22:19> [dest:] connection closed (1262 seconds) (UID: 2730)[L: 15]{Bytes: 7697664}(P: 5)
<08/23/04@13:22:19> [dest:] connection closed (642 seconds) (UID: 2743)[L: 14]{Bytes: 4040731}(P: 7)
<08/23/04@13:22:19> [dest:] connection closed (641 seconds) (UID: 2744)[L: 13]{Bytes: 4059711}(P: 8)
<08/23/04@13:22:19> [dest:] connection closed (292 seconds) (UID: 2755)[L: 12]{Bytes: 1925120}(P: 9)
<08/23/04@13:22:19> [dest:] connection closed (519 seconds) (UID: 2750)[L: 11]{Bytes: 3249435}(P: 14)
<08/23/04@13:22:19> [dest:] connection closed (77 seconds) (UID: 2758)[L: 10]{Bytes: 557056}(P: 17)
<08/23/04@13:22:42> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2759)[L: 11]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 0)
<08/23/04@13:22:52> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2760)[L: 12]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 4)
<08/23/04@13:22:53> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2761)[L: 13]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 5)
<08/23/04@13:22:54> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2762)[L: 14]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 7)
<08/23/04@13:22:55> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2763)[L: 15]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 8)
<08/23/04@13:22:59> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2764)[L: 16]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 9)
<08/23/04@13:23:15> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2765)[L: 17]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 13)
<08/23/04@13:25:06> [dest:] connection closed (134 seconds) (UID: 2761)[L: 16]{Bytes: 1024000}(P: 5)
<08/23/04@13:25:33> [dest:] connection closed (1554 seconds) (UID: 2723)[L: 15]{Bytes: 9566041}(P: 15)
<08/23/04@13:31:07> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2766)[L: 16]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 5)
<08/23/04@13:33:02> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2767)[L: 17]{A: WinampMPEG/2.8}(P: 14)
<08/23/04@13:33:34> [yp_tch] error connecting to yp.shoutcast.com
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (1322 seconds) (UID: 2740)[L: 16]{Bytes: 8059705}(P: 1)
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (1321 seconds) (UID: 2741)[L: 15]{Bytes: 8063040}(P: 2)
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (644 seconds) (UID: 2760)[L: 14]{Bytes: 40420****(P: 4)
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (1320 seconds) (UID: 2742)[L: 13]{Bytes: 81224****(P: 6)
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (642 seconds) (UID: 2762)[L: 12]{Bytes: 4059599}(P: 7)
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (640 seconds) (UID: 2763)[L: 11]{Bytes: 4041112}(P: 8)
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (1312 seconds) (UID: 2746)[L: 10]{Bytes: 8047477}(P: 10)
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (1292 seconds) (UID: 2747)[L: 9]{Bytes: 7950284}(P: 11)
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (772 seconds) (UID: 2756)[L: 8]{Bytes: 4798976}(P: 12)
<08/23/04@13:33:35> [dest:] connection closed (621 seconds) (UID: 2765)[L: 7]{Bytes: 3935642}(P: 13)
<08/23/04@13:34:00> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2768)[L: 8]{A: WinampMPEG/2.8 mp3PRO/1.2}(P: 1)
<08/23/04@13:34:06> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2769)[L: 9]{A: WinampMPEG/2.9}(P: 2)
<08/23/04@13:34:06> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2770)[L: 10]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 4)
<08/23/04@13:34:09> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2771)[L: 11]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 6)
<08/23/04@13:34:11> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2772)[L: 12]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 7)
<08/23/04@13:34:13> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2773)[L: 13]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 8)
<08/23/04@13:34:17> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2774)[L: 14]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 10)
<08/23/04@13:34:19> [dest:] connection closed (193 seconds) (UID: 2766)[L: 13]{Bytes: 1392640}(P: 5)
<08/23/04@13:34:28> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2775)[L: 14]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 5)
<08/23/04@13:34:35> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2776)[L: 15]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 11)
<08/23/04@13:35:39> [dest:] connection closed (2274 seconds) (UID: 2699)[L: 14]{Bytes: 13881417}(P: 3)
<08/23/04@13:35:40> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2777)[L: 15]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 3)
<08/23/04@13:35:49> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2778)[L: 16]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 12)
<08/23/04@13:36:22> [dest:] connection closed (33 seconds) (UID: 2778)[L: 15]{Bytes: 134082}(P: 12)
<08/23/04@13:36:45> [dest:] connection closed (149 seconds) (UID: 2774)[L: 14]{Bytes: 1046599}(P: 10)
<08/23/04@13:37:13> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2779)[L: 15]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 10)
<08/23/04@13:37:19> [dest:] connection closed (6 seconds) (UID: 2779)[L: 14]{Bytes: 227989}(P: 10)
<08/23/04@13:42:35> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2780)[L: 15]{A: WinampMPEG/5.0}(P: 10)
<08/23/04@13:42:41> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2781)[L: 16]{A: RMA/1.0 (compatible; RealMedia)}(P: 12)
<08/23/04@13:43:34> [yp_tch] yp.shoutcast.com touched!

It goes on like this forever. People connect and disconnect all the time, suddenly a burst of disconnects etc.

The server is not losing any packets, I've tested that. And I'm watching the server logs via a SSH window when it happends, so it cant be the connection to the internet.

Any ideas?
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There is definately some type of connection issue but it might be on a different "route" to the internet than you're seeing.

Say you have a server in Dallas and you traceroute to it through your ISP, through Level3 and to the provider. You see no issues. On the other end is a listener in LA. They connect from PacBell through Aleron and to your provider. Aleron has a bad router and it's dropping packets between the listener and your server. You don't see the problem but from the listener end you do.

Anytime you see this: [yp_tch] error connecting to yp.shoutcast.com theres a problem because for a full 20 minutes your server was unable to communicate with the YP and probably listeners at the same time.

I would look closely at the provider and do traceroutes from several endpoints from a site like www.traceroute.org (us and overseas) to see where the issue is as you might not be able to see it from your location but can from others.

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