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Creating relay server


This may be a bit convoluted so my apologies and here goes!

My station runs on V2.4.0 and I currently have people streaming to it quite successfully; however, I now have an occasional set of people who need to stream to the same station but who I don't want to know the station password! I thought I would be able to resolve this by having the new presenters stream to a new instance of my Shoutcast server and relay this to the existing one.
I have got this to work as far as it goes but have hit a problem after the original broadcasters stream to the original server and, then, the new people stream to new server again but it doesn't relay to the original server!!! This is getting a bit incestuous so, hopefully, an example will make it clearer.

PoolA = original broadcasters
PoolB = new broadcasters
ServerA = original server now set up as a relay server
ServerB = new server set up as relay client

Sequence of events:
Step 1 - PoolA streams to ServerA (success)
Step 2 - PoolB streams to ServerB which relays to ServerA (success) (output heard on both ServerA and ServerB)
Step 3 - PoolA streams to ServerA (success)
Step 4 - PoolB streams to ServerB which relays to ServerA (fail) (output heard on ServerB but not ServerA)

Can I do what I want to do, please, ie get Step 4 to work as Step 2 given the sequence of events? If so, how do I do it, please? This is driving me crazy! :-)

Thanks for any help since all documentation I've seen to date isn't particularly clear in my opinion.
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If you need to create a new web server you can visit Blue Hosting Server
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