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Input plugin: file is a container, how to add subsongs to playlist on play or enque?

I'm planning on modifying a NSF winamp plugin. An NSF file contains anywhere between 1 and 255 tracks within, so I want it to add all of its tracks to the playlist, then remove the original container from the playlist. It would need to split the container when a file is selected by the Open command, when the file gets enqueued, when a file gets added to the playlist, and when a playlist pointing to the container file gets loaded. Any other events I need to handle?

I'd like to know how to remove the container from the playlist, then add each subtrack to the playlist. Could I have some example code for manipulating the playlist like that, and suggestions on how to differentiate the subfiles?

Winamp might even try to play the container, so I'd like to make winamp stop trying to play the container, and advance to a song inside.

I've noticed that SNESAmp does it with .RSN files, but only partially, since they only get split when they are played, it leaves the continers alone when they are merely added to the playlist.
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this is a pretty old topic, tho it's in the scope of what i'm doing in my plext (playlist extender) plugin. i've also spoken with the snesamp guy awhile back, after i did some coding to make my plugin work with the playlist window. i was going to add in better support for explosions in the playlist, but time obviously got the better of me.

the way snesamp and i handle it is when a file gets played it explodes the playlist (expands the files into the list) then sets the current playing track to be the first song in the explosion.

anyway, if you're still around here and/or anyone else is working on something similiar drop a reply.


just found and responded to this topic, which is pretty much the same stuff:


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