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Import iTunes playlists?

Is there a way to do this? I have successfully imported my library, but I need the playlists as well.

Also, is there a feature like iTunes' Smart Playlist?
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Yes, to both questions.

I'm going to assume you're using the latest version of Winamp.

If you click 'Library' in the main window for Media Library there's an option to "Import iTunes Playlists" which is directly under the option to import the iTunes library!

The Winamp equivalent to "Smart playlists" is "Smart view" which again, you can create in the media library.

An intro to the media library can be found at http://help.aol.com/help/microsites/...=&radios=False
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Got Smart Views to work.

No idea what you're about as far as 'Import iTunes Playlist' goes, though. You'll have to take some screenshots, cause all I can find is 'Import Playlist from File'.
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importing itune playlists

There is no 'import from itunes' when I click on library either
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Hmm.. I see that this was a year ago.. but I was just looking for this option too. I found it under the "Library" button in the far bottom left. It was 2nd option in the 2nd group.. worked in a few seconds.

I know that the ".. from file" option is under a right-click of "Playlists" of the Media Library Pane (left pane).. I found that first too then searched this out.

FYI - just installed latest version of Winamp as of today; 5.622.

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I'm not seeing the itunes option when I click "Library." I have seen that the iTunes options should appear directly under the "manage playlists" option. But on my newly installed winamp (5.622), the first few options are as follows:

New Playlist
Manage Playlists
Import Media Database...
Export Media Database...

Is it possible I'm missing a plugin or something?

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I found how to do this!

Go through iTunes and right click on a playlist you want to import to winamp. Select 'Export...' and save the file to a an easy to find location such as a new folder on your desktop. But before saving make sure to change the file type to 'M3U File' in the drop down options. Then just click and drag that saved file into 'playlists' on winamp!!

This was a huge pain to figure out but its not too bad once you get it! GL
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