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Bad Ad Files Causing Silence or Disconnect

Over the past two weeks, multiple listeners have reported that the stream goes silent or disconnects frequently. This only happens during an ad break where actual ads are being inserted. In other words, it does not happen if the break is not taken for ads and the station filler is played. Sometimes, one or more ads play and then silence or disconnect.

I have 12 stations, and it is happening on all of them. The symptoms are different with different players. Some disconnect, others are silent for part or all of the break and then resume the audio at the end of the break. I run two Shoutcast servers (SC_SERV) and the problem is seen on streams coming from both. Both servers are in North America. It do not know if any bad ad files are being running in countries other than US and Canada.

This problem is due to ad files with bad mp3 coding which does not match the stream. In the cases I have analyzed, the bad tracks have a sample rate of 48 kHz rather than the normal 44.1 kHz. I have confirmed that at least the following ad files have this problem:

Capital One - Shopping app
Home Depot - Home of Smart Home Gifts, Googe Video Doorbell
Home Depot - Ring Indoor Camera, Ring Outdoor Camera
Progressive Commercial Chicken - Grammar
Progressive Commercial Chicken - What I'm NOT talking about
Progressive Home and Auto - Hawaii Vacation
Progressive Home and Auto - New Boat
Progressive Nothing is Normal Everything is Weird 1
Progressive Nothing is Normal Everything is Weird 2
Progressive Sound of the Old World - Using the bathroom at the statium
Progressive Sound of the Old World - Waiting For A Table At a Restaurant

I cannot be sure, but I suspect that these ads are counted as impressions even if the listeners cannot hear them. If so, then advertisers are being overcharged. If not, then we broadcasters are losing ad revenue that we should be getting.
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