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the winamp "suddenly shutting down" thing

Has anyone EVER figured out why Winamp just shuts down at random times when you are dragging in files?

* I Don't have gen_nomad.dll
* I just updated DirectX
* I just DL'ed Winamp 2.77
* I have ALL the latest drivers
* My computer has now half a gig of ram
* Winamp is the only thing running (Windows 2000 yes)

And when I try to drag files to the playlist, Winamp just POOF! shuts down. No error, no delay, it just shuts down. Hmm!

Can anyone give any concere answers on this? I have TRIED reinstalling. I *HAVE* all the latest drivers. I HAVE the latest service packs and updates. Nothing seems to fix it.

What is going on here? Just because some of the coders don't have this problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist! There have been dozens of posts on this..and everyone is taking the "if I can't see it, it doesn't exist" mentality!

I'm just frustrated...any suggestions on fixing Winamp/Windows/whatever the hell is wrong?

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might be a W2K specific bug, read this: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....threadid=61560
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system restart

At least a winamp/windows relation doesnt cause a system restart randomly at the end of a song....could be a virus or whatnot.....but it is still annoying.

Any advice on where I should be looking?

Running Win98 sp2
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ist death
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please don't spam existing threads with offtopic posts. win98 often reboots for no reason, especially if you have broken drivers.
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