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Possible Bug with 5.5

Ok, at first when i started using 5.5, it was fine, but lately, it has been crashing an awful lot coming up with a failer message, i can normally get through about 1 or 2 songs before it crashes but atm i cant get through 1, or even start playing one, i think its got something to do with the new layout or skin, but im not sure, judging from the file error apearing, i think its the new skin.

Im not sure if its already posted, couldnt find it, but its been deleting my playlists...

ive uploaded the error screen if u need it...

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If you have any memory (RAM) diagnostic tools, try running them. If you get any errors, that would most likely be the cause of this error. If you don't get any RAM errors, then I need more time to think!
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Maybe this...
From the Common Issues section of the Troubleshooters Sticky...

Error: Instruction referenced memory.... The memory could not be read
Otherwise... Information required when posting

Please post a "List Of Plugins" and any other useful information.

Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
Read the Stickies
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kk, i think it was my RAM, which would explain also why my computer had regular memory dumps and auto shutdowns, but i think its sorted its self out :S i used vlc for a while and just went back to winamp and its fine...*touch wood* nope, still crashing...

and i have no plugins, unless divX counts as one...
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