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Winamp 2.7 ripper?


I have 3 server running, each one using a different port
i noticed that most of my listeners on the 8000 server are using winamp2.7, and almost none on the 2 others!
is this because of the port 8000, or just because they are all streamrippers?
I am using RIP on my servers but i can't ban winamp of course :s
any idea?
why all these "listeners" are only on the port 8000?
there should be a reason don't you think?

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some people are die hard users of the 2.x versions of winamp and will never update. So seeing an old client may not be that much to get bent out of line about.

However, the fact that the server is filled with them is a little odd, use your own digression.

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No, tvee67 is right. WinAmp/MPEG2.7 is really used by a ripping program here in Germany. And why they only tune in to the port 8000 server is cause that server is only listed in the ripping program.

If you don't want to get listed in the player, let me know. I do have a contact there.
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