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the future of UAC?

(please don't read this as if it was a rant)

1. the 0.2.3 branch in only available for ANSI, while at the same time it seems the Unicode branch of NSIS that appears to have realistic future
2. anders offers an experimental build through IRC, but all the servers mentioned in the FAQ and on the NSIS Wiki are either down or not accessible for the public ("Permission denied")
3. the syntax has changed in 0.2.3 and the documentation is bad if present at all (is there an equivalent to UAC::ExecCodeSegment ?)

i'd be perfectly happy with 0.2.2 if it wasn't for the glitch in the load screen. while at it, let me also mention that the load screen of 0.2.3 is terrible. placing the icon is the middle is against all rules gui design, i also think that it would be fair to the user to include a status message with that dialog.

also what are the plans for the plugin? not releasing it for unicode is not optimal, but i understand if the author isn't happy about maintaining two versions. still i'd like to know more on that decision and drive away the "discussion" from the talk page (where hardly anyone is looking)
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