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Winamp Reader

I created a replacement for the Winamp Browser in the Bento and Big Bento skin that are bundled with Winamp.
Before I release it with a installer I just want to make sure it works on other computers too.

Winamp Reader info:
This will replace your Browser tab in Bento with a Reader tab. Winamp Reader will automatically load the webpage of the selected provider base on the song that are currently playing. Providers include Wikipedia, AlbumArtExchange, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Explorer view and loads more. If you used ClassicPro's BrowserPro this might sound familiar, but this also integrate the nromal Browser and also have a few rough edges smooth now.

When you don't want the web page to change because your reading the current artist's wikipedia page for example you can toggle the reading mode. Winamp Reader will now function almost like the old browser and not change when you play the next song but you can still click the bookmark button to show your providers if you want to manually navigate to one of your providers.

Add your own providers
If you want to add a cool site to the provider list please post it here
You can add to provider list by editing:
"../skins/Big Bento/reader/sources/_en-us.xml"
Available params (please ask if you need more)
PHP Code:
"%AND%" This is used for all the in your url since the xml reader have an error if you include in your url ;)
Localized versions?
The provider list can also be localized so if anyone want to add one for your language you can post it here and I'll include it. (each language have their own provider list and if your language don't have one in the source folder it will use the english one)

This might be useful for:
  • Checking what your current artist have been up to lately by looking at their wikipedia/facebook/twitter page
  • Find album cover images (since the integrated solution doesn't work anymore in wa5.63). Tip: if you navigate to the image you want, copy it (r-click) and the go to the file info window and paste it
  • Watching the youtube video for the song playing

How to install?
Just extract the zip(attached to post) file in your skins directory. It will replace 4 files in total in the Bento skins. These files was last edited 3 years ago so don't worry too much about installing this over a newer Winamp release. The current version was written for Winamp 5.63 and I don't recommend installing it on older versions.


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