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SHOUTcast Authhash Management Support

This thread is only for SHOUTcast 2 DNAS users who are experiencing issues with the management (create or update or removal) of authhashes via the in-DNAS administration pages. Alternatively to posting here, you can email to get more direct assistance.

In all cases, ensure you are using the currently supported version of the v2 DNAS (as listed in this thread).

If you experience an error code (*) which says the create / update / remove could not be processed due to invalid or missing arguments or a generic error, then post the following information and it will be looked into with more information requested as appropriate to the issue:
  • Error code as reported via the in-DNAS administration page
  • If your are attempting to do a create or update or a remove
  • The operating system you are running the DNAS on
  • The browser and the version of it you are using

If you experience an error code (*) which says the update / remove failed due to not having the correct permission or the authhash not being valid then you will need to pm the following information to support to get the issue resolved:
  • Authhash(s) experiencing the issue
  • Public IP of the machine used to manage the authhash(s)
  • Error code as reported via the in-DNAS administration page
  • If your are attempting to do an update or a remove

Important: If you do not provide all of the information required it will slow down the process of getting the issue resolved. If you post something which has nothing to do with the authhash system or you fail to provide the information required then you can and will be ignored as well as any posts being moved or removed. Finally, once an issue has been resolved then the posts relating to it will be split from this thread into their own thread, prefixed with [SPLIT] with a reference back to this thread.

(*) Known error codes which may be returned can be found here.

Authhash Not Being Remembered

In some cases, the authhash you've created will not be 'seen' despite being in the configuration file on restarting the DNAS or when the source for the stream disconnects. To fix this, make sure streamid_x=x (where x is the stream number) is added to the configuration file and the DNAS is restarted.

It is NOT normal to have to keep re-creating the authhash all of the time and is an issue which will be resolved completely in a newer v2 DNAS release higher than build 29. In the meanwhile, adding streamid_x=x (where x is the stream number) will ensure things work correctly.

Supported Browsers

The following are browsers which have been used and are known to work:
  • Firefox 3.6.x to 13.0 (tested on Windows and Linux)
  • Internet Explorer 8 & 9
  • Google Chrome 12 to 19 (will likely work on older versions)
  • Safari 4.x (only tested on Mac)
  • Opera 12 Beta
As long as the browser supports current levels of Javascript and AJAX support then it should work without any issue. The most likely cause of failure is permissions issues for cross-site access of the drop-down resources which the management pages make use off.

Limited Browser Support

The following are browsers which have been tested and are known to have issues causing reduced functionality (not related to security options which can be changed):
  • Opera (tested on Windows against 11.51 to 11.64)
Currently DNAS v2.0.0 Build 29 will show the following message when using this browser:
Problem was experienced retrieving the details for the dropdown options.

You will need to change your browser's security settings to allow remote
content to be downloadable in this domain. Please fix and refresh this page.
Future versions of the DNAS will show the more appropriate message of:
Unable to download the details for the dropdown options. You need to
use a browser with 'Cross Origin Resource Sharing' (CORS) support.
Using Internet Explorer

If using Internet Explorer (8 or 9), you will need to do the following to allow the browser to access the remote content needed for the drop-down options which the page uses.

Go to Options -> Security -> Select 'Trusted Sites' -> Click 'Sites' and then add the current page to the list (unchecking the HTTPS option). Then change the 'Trusted Level' to Medium-low or Low and refresh the authhash management page.

Choosing Medium-low will cause a prompt to appear on loading the pages in IE8 (but not normally in IE9) which you will need to choose 'Yes' to allow the page to load. Choosing Low will not show a prompt.

Create / Update shows 'Loading...' for the dropdown lists

In some rare cases you may see just 'Loading...' for the country, genre and language dropdown lists on the create and update authhash pages. If this happens and all other options have been tried (changing browser or enabling the IE tweaks then you can try adding the following to the DNAS server's config file and then restart it:
In some setups, cannot be correctly resolved which leads to the issues being seen.

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