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Whats the difference between Encoder and Decoder??

Encoder: ............ (Explanation Please)

Decoder: ............ (Explanation Please)
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Encoder takes something that we understand and converts it to something we dont understand as easly.

such as WAV to MP3, or decimal to binary/hexadecimal (35 to 100011)

Decoder is the opposite. Converts something we dont understand well to something we do.

such as MP3 to WAV, or binary/hexadecimal to decimal (1001100 to 76)

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Re: Whats the difference between Encoder and Decoder??

Originally posted by hengky_pw
Encoder: ............ (Explanation Please)

Decoder: ............ (Explanation Please)
An encoder creates a compressed file from an original source file

A decoder creates takes the compressed audio and attempts to convert it back to its original source file form.

In the audio context anyway.

There are other things to consider that will determine whether the decoded file is exactly the same as the original source file like whether the format it was encoded to is lossy or lossless
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In digital audio technology, an encoder is a program that converts an audio WAV file into an MP3 file, a highly-compressed sound file that preserves the quality of a CD recording. (The program that gets the sound selection from a CD and stores it as a WAV file on a hard drive is called a ripper.) An MP3 encoder compresses the WAV file so that it is about one-twelfth the size of the original digital sound file. The quality is maintained by an algorithm that optimizes for audio perception, losing data that will not contribute to perception. The program that plays the MP3 file is called a player. Some audio products provide all three programs together as a package.

The opposite.
I got all that from http://www.whatis.com

Try there for more questions
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