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SC detailed log analyzing with geodat and so on


I'm on the search for a tool, which maybe already exist - but google don't know.

The Tool should have the ability :

- analyze the log files and/or the XML data
- Extract the XML data every x minutes and store it in a Databse (MySql).
- geographical identification of the listeners wit geoip.dat
- graphical statistic of various tags from the XML Data (with rddtools for example)
- Multi Server capability - up to 20 servers for example.
- open source
- webbased

well, kind of "google analytics" for shoutcast servers

Does anyone of the community has an idea ?


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nope you will need to build it or have it built for you,

and i would stick my neck out and say it wont be cheap.
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I think it would be cool to have a map like google earth or something that showed you pin points where your listners are . Each listenr changes from one color to another after each hour he listens. Then you can hover over the listners little indicator "pin" and it will tell you his Ip , how many times they listen , maybe even underuns and stuff.

That would be cool. I would be willing to spend 50 bucks on something like that.
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