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Music/Song Relation Database (Similiar to Music Genome Project)

Would anyone be interested in starting a plugin project that is similiar to Pandora/Music Genome Project... except open source. It's uses would be quite unlimited and users could help fill the database by analyzing the songs themselves.

It's hard to find a plugin that has not been done for winamp these days that is original, and his is one of them.

So, are you in?

EDIT:It doesn't have to be open source, but rather the database should be open for use by anyone.
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Local Version

I went looking because I wanted a winamp add-in for Genome-y goodness that doesn't require the internet. I listen to music from my collection at work since streaming is an awful idea because the guy that watches for it sits 10 feet away from me an is my boss' boss... I'm not sure how feasible it is since a Genome is incredibly complex and in depth, but if we could package the basics into a single download and provide updates installers monthly (something you could download elsewhere and install), that would work...
I like the idea of one database that everyone can access. It's actually quite necessary for a proper Genome project. I don't have a problem with the plug-in being open source, free, or paid, however the group decides is fine by me.
I am a developer, but I've never written a winamp plug-in and my primary experience is in C# which I doubt is what we'll use since we need multiple platform support. If you're still thinking about this, let me know and I'd be happy to hammer out some details with you.

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