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Size of the cab files.

hi all !

I need a help with cabsetup plugin, i need to set the correct total size of the total files.

The total size it's 6,91GB but only shows me 3,3GB in NSIS.

I compress some large files that takes about 6,35GB in total but i see this report file:

MakeCAB Report: Mon Sep 27 01:18:09 2010

Total files: 423
Bytes before: -1,477,894,248
Bytes after: -1,763,005,512
After/Before: 89.88% compression
Time: 1856.13 seconds ( 0 hr 30 min 56.13 sec)
Throughput: 1482.14 Kb/second

I see the example of cabsetup plugin, but i think it uses 32-bit algoritmic. How can if fix this?.

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This is a issue with the sizing code in CABSetup - it was in the original thread ages ago.

I think I had an answer to it - I will have to dust off the code and see if I can get it into a releasable state.

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Thx Mr Inches, when you have time please try to se see your code and make an update to fix this issue and can you include a new feature to this nice plugin?

Thx again.
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