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AMIP hotkeys are working on 32 bit applications but not on 64 bit applications


I'm almost complete noob in terms of Visual C++ programming, but author sent me a source of AMIP plug-in and I'd like to get the basic idea how to fix this annoying issue.

Issue is:

in 32 bit applications plug-in pastes via hotkey information correctly about the current playing tune

in 64 bit applications plug-in is not working

here is a snip from hotkey binding function (or definition?):

UINT register_hotkey(
const char * ini_filename
, HWND hwnd
, const char * atom_hotkey_str
, UINT hk_defs[defs_what_last]) {

UINT atom_hotkey = GlobalAddAtom(atom_hotkey_str);

if (!atom_hotkey) {
LOG("AddAtom Failed");

char buff[MAX_LINE];

if (!strcmp(atom_hotkey_str, ATOM_PASTE_STR)) {
strcpy(buff, cfg["PasteHotkey"]);
} else if (!strcmp(atom_hotkey_str, ATOM_REGEX_STR)) {
strcpy(buff, cfg["RegexHotkey"]);
parse_hotkey_string(buff, hk_defs);
if (!RegisterHotKey(
hwnd, atom_hotkey, hk_defs[defs_mods], hk_defs[defs_vk])) {
LOG("!!! Register hotkey failed");
atom_hotkey = 0;

return atom_hotkey;

what could be main difference between 64/32 bit hotkey binding?

Thanks a lot.

EDIT: I've checked gen_hotkeys.dll plugin bundled with Winamp and it works in x64 applications! anyone have a clue about relevant code in this plugin regarding hotkeys?
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