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bottleneck free setup

I want to build a budgetless PC that can run milkdrop bottleneck free.(big mesh/high frame rate/high res)

Is this even possible? Does milkdrop utilize multicore or multithreading? Would winamp or milkdrop be able to make use of Dual CPU setups? I have search the forums and havent come up with much other than the transcoding multithread support.

Would i be better off just optimizing for overclocking a single top of the line cpu? My setup now: amd 3 core 2.8ghz with a gtx 260 runs fairly well at 1600x1200 but the frames drop when i bring up the mesh size higher. So the video card isnt the problem.

In a perfect world id be running multiple displays at 1080p or even 4k when it arrives fully(60fps or more) so i would want fatty mesh sizes and high frames. Is possible to make milkdrop bottleneck proof for at least the next 6 years?
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Milkdrop takes advantage of the GPU only for shader-specific presets and only DirectX 9. I've got a 5 years old Radeon HD 3870 and that's good enough for full HD and most of the presets. - any recent gaming graphics card will do just fine. Mesh size is relevant for CPU and i doubt that multiple cores are used for parallelization, so MHz is king.
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I am not too eager to spend money on an awesome computer. I am curious if i get a special Dual CPU capable motherboard with two 3.2 GHz, would that make my computer king for the big mesh sizes(effectively at 6.4GHz?) or would it still run at 3.2GHz because Winamp isn't designed for dual CPU?
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