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Adding Genre to WAV Files

Can anyone tell me if WinAmp can change/edit the actual wav file attributes. I want to modify the source file in my hard drive to include Genre so it can be pulled into a squeexebox and genre can be recognized. Unfortunately, all my ripping was done using iTunes and I then realized that WinAMp (or Media player) rips and gets album art and genre even in WAV files. MAjor mistake on my part using iTunes. Also, I will be sticking with the WAV files and not switching to whatever other lossless is debated out there........so I want to open file (or many files) in WinAmp, modify genre and then save it back in Windows directory with the update of genre. Any help is appreciated. Even advice on a good batch TAG editor for WAV files. Thanks much.
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contrary to popular belief, wavs DO support SOME tags, but its VERY limited. most apps won't tag wavs at all. so here is my advice:

check out mp3tag.de/en

also check out audacity, which i think might be the best at tagging wavs.

OR BETTER YET, stop using wavs altogether! use FLAC instead. FLAC is lossless like a wav, uses less HD space, and can be fully, properly tagged. i think there are add-ons for itunes to let it use FLAC as well.

its easy to convert wav to FLACs too, lots of free utilities out there to do it.

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Very few players can handle metadata in WAV files, which is why there is a trend to convert to a tagged lossless format such as FLAC, Winamp can do this for you via 'Send to' > 'Format converter'.

Winamp is restricted to reading only the 'Artist' and 'Title' from WAV tags, it cannot write anything.

Windows Media Player probably has the best tagging support.
Audacity will add some info but is not as complete.

ID3 tags are another possibility.
I think DrO has looked at this recently, but I'm not sure what Winamp can be made to do with them.

This whole area is a mess and it is difficult to know what tags, if any, your WAV files contain. A sample file would be helpful if you can put one up for download.

Don't be confused by metadata found in tags, and metadata drawn from filenames and folder structure, which is usually what you will be seeing in the Media Library.

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