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When an mp3 file contains the character of "⁄", although it plays in Windows Media Player, it fails to do so in Winamp. I am currently using Winamp 2.72, if the bug has been fixed in 2.73, please let me know.
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I just tried to reproduce this bug, but couldn't.

I renamed one of my MP3's to include the characters , selected "Play in Winamp" from the File menu, and it played perfectly ok.
This is with v2.73 . . . naturally, I haven't tried this with 2.72 . . . mainly because
1) I no longer have that version & 2) I see no reason to ever include these characters in the filename . . . maybe an & or # in the ID3 tag, but not the filename.

However, as I say, it works fine for me with 2.73
If it doesn't work for you, then I suggest that you take a look at your settings in:
Prefs -> Options; Prefs -> Display;
Prefs -> Input -> MPEG Audio Decoder -> Config -> Title

Lord knows? Maybe you're using another of those dodgy 3rd party General Purpose plugins?
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