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Winamp will not pick my ID3 tags

Hi all,

Been using Winamp now for a few years... I currently have v5.572. My problem is that all the music I have ripped via CDex, the tags I put in are not showing on Winamp. I have then used Audio Shell Tag Editor, Stamp ID3 Tag Editor and Tag&Rename... each time they show the correct info (including album art), but when I "import" into Winamp, the tags are incorrect and no album art.

When I try "Edit selected items" I can change the info, but if I happen to move the songs or want to re "Add media to library" then the info I changed on Winamp goes back to the original wrong tags.

Any help or suggestions?
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best thing i can recommend is to use the mp3tag editor (external program)
this editor embeds the data
if this wont work it means there is either a error in the tags (most likely multiple tags in one file)
or there is a error with winamp itself and we will need more info to help troubleshoot

thanks rob
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(please note) As users we can't give others help unless we get full details of the problem that you are having
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Still a problem

I use Mp3tag's great program to correct and maintain my mp3 metatags in all of my music tracks. Winamp (5.623 x86) (on my 64-bit Win7 Home Premium Dell desktop) NEVER displays the correct tag info. Even the titles and artist are incorrect if I change them from the first time that Winamp "saw" them. And, if I use the basic metadata editor in Winamp and change, say, the Genre, it is immediately listed correctly. But if I change the same thing in Mp3tag, it is NEVER reflected in Winamp.

MY fave player MusicMatch (which Yahoo bought and destroyed years ago) had a function for the Music Library called something like "Refresh" which searched through the entire library and updated all that stuff. Does Winamp have any such function? And/or is there any way to fix this problem?
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Hi NashvilleKit,

Check your file modified date option in MP3Tag. If the file modified date is not changed then Winamp will not pick up any changes. In other words, Winamp looks at a file's modified date and if it is the same as when it last saved the file's data it will not update the data.

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i also recommend making sure all the metadata "guessing" winamp does is turned off, (in two separate places on the watch folders tab), and use artist as albumartist is off.

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The "refresh" feature in Winamp is to select all (relevant?) tracks in the Tracks pane of a Local Media view in the library
and then right-click the first selected -> Read metadata on selected items.
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