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I'm using Millennium and when I double click a file (.mp3) it clears my play list and plays the song I clicked on even when I have default double click set to enqueue.

I like to keep my playlist in.

This new Windows media player want's to handle everything it seems and I have disabled all of it that I could. I removed the references to mp3 in win.ini that pointed it to windows media player and winamp is associated with mp3's in the registry.

Any help appreciated.
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I am experiencing the same problem. I just bought a new machine with Win ME on it, and enqueue does not work as the default action. In addition, the right-click shell extensions do not work. I miss my right-click-enqueueing. Anyone have any ideas?
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I haven't got WinME myself, but try this:

1. Goto WMP7 -> View -> Options -> Formats
Make sure that the relevant extensions are unchecked.
2. Exit WMP7
3. Winamp -> Prefs -> FileTypes
Make sure the relevant extensions are selected.
Also, make sure that there's a checkmark next to:
Enqueue as default action & Directory Context Menus.
Register Files on WA start is optional [possibly recommended in your cases]
4. Close Prefs & Exit Winamp
5. Reopen Winamp & check that these settings still apply.
6.. Goto Windows Settings -> Folder Options -> FileTypes
7. Under "Winamp Media / Playlist File" click "Edit" for both entries
8. Hi-lite "Enqueue in Winamp" -> Edit
9. Make sure the command line Action is:
10. Click "Okay"
11. If this action isn't in bold text, hi-lite it & click "Set default"
12. Okay everything.

Let me know if this works.

I'm not sure about WMP7 'cos I've still got v6.4 . . .
but, is there any setting in the options that acts like Winamp's Agent / Real Player's Start Center, which makes the player cling on to associations & Registry settings ?
If so, try disabling this option in step 1.

DJ - Egg
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