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Musician Soup...

Who on this forum produces music?

Please respond with your band/producer name, what genre you are in (if any), and when you started making music.

I'll go first...

TaxDay - Fusion Techno - Have always been into music since I was a kid... started making techno 2 years ago.
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I kinda do......I sometimes mess around with finale notepad with some tune that's been floating around in my head. Usually band-type music. I started in around 9th grade I guess....now I'm in 11th.

"It's like saying give a man a Les Paul guitar and he becomes Eric Clapton, and of course that's not true, give a man an amplifier and a synthesizer and he doesn't become...whoever; he doesn't become us." - Roger Waters
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I'm an Audio Engineering student at the SAE world headquarters. Only first year, but I've been writing music and recording a little bit of stuff for a year and a half or so. Now I'm actually learning how to do it properly (one new-ish song on my site, see my sig, but none of the old stuff cause the recording quality was pretty crap - don't expect great quality even now).
At one stage last year I sent a demo CD to a couple of places but no success.
Used to write some sheet music too, using Sibelius.
I play Piano mostly and a little bit of guitar (and vocals, I guess, if that counts).

Genre? I dunno, I guess you'd say pop though I hate to be classed as pop, maybe rock. Think sorta Coldplay and stuff, although I have a pretty varying style too.

Oh I used to be head of the school choir too. Does that count?

[edit]Oh and band name? I'm just some random guy.[/edit]

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