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Milkdrop in Live Performance

Hi to all you preset authors out there!

I would like to thank all of you for your wonderfull work.

This year has been one h@ll of a trip, I've been playing
around with Milkdrop for sometime now and this year I had
the oppertunity of a lifetime!!

To do visuals for a band at a music festival.

I've been friends with the hayride since 2002 so it was good to be back with them all again. I flew in to San Francisco from London on the Thursday with my projector and my Shuttle PC. On the friday we were in the van on the way to a festival somewhere in northern california!

We turned up at 7PM and they were playing at 9pm that night. I was in a panic, no sound check, in the middle of
a field amoungst hay bails with a PC and a projector. Trying my best to angle the projector to the screen, adjust the sound levels so everything reacted to the live music and remembering to roll the credits for you guys!

Let me assure you, milkdrop performed wonderfully and the band have asked me to come back next year. They are currently working on a new Album.

I have set up a new website, I'm not sure entirely where I'm going with it yet, maybe an Image library? Dates for future shows or even some live video footage of milkdrop running not sure yet, however I would like to give credit and links to you, the preset authors that are used in the shows. Let me know what you think.

If you have any presets you'd like to put forward for future shows, drop me an email Tim@raveUK.net

Here are some links for you all.

Earthdance 2004
The Glabal Dance and Music festival for Peace.

Transcendental Hayride

Reactive Audio Visual Effects (www.raveuk.net)

Best wishes,
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You, can use any and all my presets I've made, no problems. Look through um and see what ones can go (I have quite a few old ones that are kinda dated).

Anyways, horray for milkdrop at the live shows. Keep up the good work.

What do you wish for?
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what kinda projector modle and how does it work out??

Both me and Eo.S's presets are fine to use, there are quite a bit of them posted here over the last year or so.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for your support, I'm using a Benq PB7200 2500 Lumens Projector. It will run comfortably at 80+ frames a second no refresh problems! It ran for 4 hours at the show without any lock ups.

My PC is a self built Shuttle XPC with a P4 Prescott 3ghz (overclocked to 3.3Ghz) processor and 1GB of duel channel memory. This has shown some fantastic results.

I'll be popping in here om a regular basis to keep you all posted!

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