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My Photos of Parks in Berlin 2016

Although it should be possible to upload attachements with maximal 15 MB, I was not able to upload a .zip-folder with 7.2 MB, also the upload of a photo with 3.6 MB has failed. At least I was able to upload a .zip-folder with 1.88 MB in one of my other threads.

I have been asked in the thread about the DE-4 TEE Train for the photos, because I mentioned also the photo, where a hosepipe had crossed the railway for the park train in the Britzer Garten. Making the leightweight versions of my photos was not enough, I also had to half-size them. Hopefully I can get the original versions to deviantART and my short .avi-video with 640x480 pixel to Vimeo, but I will need some more days, because I have to do also other things. These are my profiles:

The sheep and ducks were cooperative, but the swans didn't do what I wanted from them, and they had put their heads into the water, while I tried to make the photo. Then I made the short video, although the small pixel resolution is not very modern anymore.

I have taken care, that there is no „ä“, no „ö“, no „ü“ and no „ß“ in the filenames, also no blank spaces and no extra-signs. For additional random textures, desktop wallpapers and Komodo backgrounds I take care, that there are only the 26 international letters (uppercase and lowercase), the 10 international digits, „_“ and „-“ in the filenames, similar to the video-URLs for YouTube, and JGP has to be used. 4 images can be stretched from 4:3 to 16:9 and 16:10 without problems. Feel free to use them as additional random textures for the Milkdrop Visualizer, as desktop wallpapers and as background images for Komodo X Touchscreen by Victhor. I have tested all 4 images in this skin via DESKTOP, they look fine.

While I was in the hospital at day from 1st September to 21st October, on 3 of the weekly therapeutic tours I made my photos, also in the Britzer Garten in September. But our older Medion Digital Camera with 2272x1704 pixel is much better than my Praktika Digital Camera. I want to test again my Casio Digital Camera, where also the HD Mode is possible.

In the previous September Week I made 10 photos in the Park Am Buschkrug, but I am not satisfied with them. And when I was in the Viktoriapark in October, the weather was very bad. Only 2 photos with the leaves over the wall could be good enough. And the 4 photos with the animals are not for the desktop. But I have choosen the best 4 photos for You, and I had success with the uploads.

I hope, we can see us again more often in the forums, especially in „Skinning and Design“ and in „Milkdrop“...
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Name:	Image_SabineKlare_Park_Britzer_Garten_0001_2000x1500.jpg
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Name:	Image_SabineKlare_Park_Britzer_Garten_0003_2000x1500.jpg
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Name:	Image_SabineKlare_Park_Britzer_Garten_0004_2000x1500.jpg
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Lovely place, and lovely weather. I have almost forgotten the summer, it already feels like it has been dark and foggy forever.

I agree that the optice of your Pentacon luxmedia is not exactly brillant. I mean it's a cheap general purpose camera and we should not expect too much, but I note the blur towards the corners which is very visible.

If you struggle with the file size, use IrfanView or similar to reduce the number of pixels and improve the compression. Irfan can even do this as batch job for all pictures in a folder. I tried this with one of the pictures, reducing the size to 70% and saving with 50% jpg quality brings the file size down from 500k to 180k with (for me) hardly any visible difference when watched on a standard size monitor. You should not zoom out of course...
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Thank You, Martin.

You are right, using the zoom is not so good, but otherwise I would have got humans onto my photos, also if they would have been far away. It is better for me to have no humans on my photos, also no disturbing paper baskets and no disturbing trash on the meadows.

Yes, also I myself have noted that with the blur towards the corners, and I like more my older photos, made with Medion. Although I cannot update my .zip-folder on Mediafire yet, because maybe also some more images will come into it than only the most recent 4, I want to give You my download-link also in my thread:
The 288 .jpg-files there have 1920x1080, 1908x980 and 2272x1704 pixel. From the basic photos I have also the resized and edited versions in textures. If I have enough time, I want to check again my photos from 2010 and 2012, made with Casio in 4000x2240 pixel, where I have a half-sized version in my extended versions of textures and wallpapersdesktop. You can see it also in "Frank Klare - Osmania Theme" on YouTube.

I work with IrfanView very much, also I had made my mirrored images with this very good software. About the leaves in the Viktoriapark: Because it had rained, there were also water drops on the leaves. I had checked again my 2 photos, and I should make other photos with leaves and maybe also with little conifers, which could be cut and mirrored much better. Maybe there are some of these plants at the graves of my parents or other good plants, where I can make good photos with leaves from above. But the weather becomes worse and worse, and the trees are losing their leaves now.

Yesterday I took some minutes and made 4 new Winamp-Screenshots, while I played my .wmv-file "KLAL! - Hier Sprechen Die Kuriere". It is also on YouTube and the album artwork is also as "Cover_SynGate_FrankKlarefeatJohnL_KLAL.jpg" in covers and textures.

The water birds in the bottom right are okay also in Komodo X Touchscreen, although the images have been stretched. I have all 4 half-sized photos in textures and wallpapersdesktop. 4356 textures, 650 .jpg-files in wallpaperscprokao and 764 .jpg-files in wallpapersdesktop, and I will continue, with me, the other musicians, netlabels and artists on deviantART. This week some new presets will go into my Winamps on my PC & notebook, and I have downloaded them yesterday...
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Name:	Nature_And_Landscapes_In_Winamp_0002_by_Sternenmaschinebine.jpg
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Name:	Nature_And_Landscapes_In_Winamp_0003_by_Sternenmaschinebine.jpg
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Name:	Nature_And_Landscapes_In_Winamp_0004_by_Sternenmaschinebine.jpg
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After the „Belated Midsummer“ in September the „Premature Cold November Weather“ in October followed immediately. Where was the „Golden October“? Only rain and very dark, mostly no sun, these are no good conditions for photo-artists. Last week some other people were again in the Britzer Garten. I know only, it had rained on that day, the weather was very bad. On the weekend it didn't rain, but the positions and the quantity of the clouds at the sky were bad for me. I need it more perfect with not too less and not too much clouds at the sky. I could make also other photos, for example of plants and stones. But the most hedges are cut periodically, and I would see that on a photo. And between the decoration stones there are cigarettes and other trash very often. Soon the most trees are without leaves. In the Winter mostly we have no snow in Berlin. Okay, if I cannot make new photos anymore for this year, maybe I can try again Terragen Classic and also Apophysis and Mandelbulber etc.

I had checked again my video, also in the meeting-point. It is too pixelized. I was not sure, if I would upload it on Vimeo, but I did that now. And I had also some time to check my 16:9-photos. Casio is much better than Praktika, but Medion is still the best, although this older Camera is much heavier, also because it needs the 4 Mignon-Accus yet, incl. replacement-accus, if I don't want to finish a photo-tour too early, suddenly and unexpectedly. Maybe I should use Casio for parks and landscapes and Praktika more for portraits, also portraits of single flowers.

I have preselected 60 Casio-Photos, 20 of them have come into my final selection, also 4 of 20 Praktika-Photos. I have decided to upload also the 4 photos with the animals, the 2 photos with the leaves in the Viktoriapark could follow next time. But don't try to stretch the photos with the animals from 4:3 to 16:9 and 16:10, especially not to 18:9 and 18:6. I had tested it once with a white horse on a green meadow by our Sternenmaschine Band Member Birgit, and the horse didn't look like a horse anymore. Only photos without animals (or humans) can be stretched fine.

Maybe I should rename the basic-photos in 2272x1704 pixel (made with our Medion). I think, it would be better to have „_pixelsize“ at the end and at the beginning „Image_“ instead of „Basis_“. For the minus-values of 1 or 2 of 3 colors I use for example „colorname050“ and „colorname255“. For versions in Black and White I use“BW“. It is useful to try also other saturations, contrasts, the gamma-correction and maybe also the effects. I took some previews, but for the photos in wallpapersdesktop I decided for the original colors, exept of the 10 Tempelhof-Photos with the sunset (I got 67 gnad-bytes while I made the photos). Frank did the color-edits (I think, with more saturation and gamma-correction). The resized versions appear in „Frank Klare - Polar Novation“.

In textures I have different resized versions, in 640x480, 800x600 and 960x720 pixel. Maybe also resized versions in 1280x960 pixel are useful. I don't know, if many old monitors with 1280x960 and also 1024x768 pixel exist yet. But desktop wallpapers should not be much smaller. On my notebook with 1600x900 pixel on the display I tested once also images in 500x500 and 600x398 pixel on the desktop, and in Komodo X Touchscreen they looked too pixelized.

In the extended versions of textures and wallpapersdesktop I have now 4376 and 784 images, my official pack of wallpapersdesktop will contain my 312 own works. Maybe I will add also the 10 photos of the „Park Am Buschkrug“, at least they are not too bad. But also if many other photos didn't come into the preselection, maybe I will find some good leaves, grasses, stones or a good bark of a tree etc, and this could mean new textures...
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Name:	Image_SabineKlare_Park_Britzer_Garten_Enten_0001_2000x1500.jpg
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Name:	Image_SabineKlare_Park_Britzer_Garten_Enten_0002_2000x1500.jpg
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Name:	Image_SabineKlare_Park_Britzer_Garten_Schafe_0001_2000x1500.jpg
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Name:	Image_SabineKlare_Park_Britzer_Garten_Schwaene_0001_2000x1500.jpg
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ID:	52796  

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Maximal 5 attachements per posting are possible, and I had promised also the 2 photos with the leaves in the Viktoriapark. Here they are.

I have compared the 20 photos from 2016 again and again, also with the other older photos from the previous years. The blurs in the photos of the Britzer Garten are acceptable, but in the 10 photos of the Park Am Buschkrug they are more visible, and the leaves of the trees look torned.

Fortunately I have my 10 older photos „Herbsttag“ from 2009, made with Medion. No blurs and also no torned leaves. They are much better for the desktop, and I think, also 312 desktop wallpapers are okay.

On deviantART You can find also the "v0.9 - beta" of "KOMODO X Touchscreen by Victhor", and I don't want to forget the other very good Modern Skin "cPro - KAO by iron2000", where the plugin ClassicPro is required. The download-link for "ClassicPro_2.02_beta2.exe" can be found in my latest Devious Journal "Winamp forever - Music forever!!!". I like the idea, that images can be used in Winamp Skins.

Yesterday I wanted to visit another address first before going to the meeting-point. The bus was too full, I didn't get in. I decided to walk instead. I came also over the Teltowkanal, and I took short views from the bridge. I saw no tree with red leaves, only green, yellow, brown and mostly torned. Also again the sky was very grey and dark, and it had rained in the morning. I continued with the walk. I checked also a square near a school and some other trees before I arrived. But the trees at the streets don't look healthy for me. Their trunks are full with black dust and also with green, white and grey chargings.

At least I have figured out, in the parks I should look especially for the oaks, because usually they have very good trunks. And if I stay on the main ways at day, then also solo-walks are possible. Maybe I myself have to wait now until the spring. At home I could make the next photo-edits or I could try some of the mentioned artist-software in my Devious Journal on deviantART.

But if the other forums members have good snow, then they can go outside with very good digital cameras. In the next days I should return to the thread „The WINAMP FORUM'S CHRISTMAS TREE 2014“ by Widdykats and make my suggestions also there. I want to send also the other artists outside with their digital cameras from time to time.

Next week I have planned to go to the yearly garden celebration although I don't know, if there are chances for some more photos. Otherwise for this year I have finished with the photographies, and at least with my usable photos from 2016 this is a good final...
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Name:	Image_SabineKlare_Viktoriapark_Blaetter_0001_2000x1500.jpg
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Name:	Image_SabineKlare_Viktoriapark_Blaetter_0002_2000x1500.jpg
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Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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beautiful pics and lovely weather. I love this type of nature
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Wow, beautiful piece of nature. I loved to see those ducks in water
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Very nice places - perfect fora music background
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simply awesome. I wish to visit there someday. Good luck to me. :/
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