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Winamp Keeps DirectShow Filters in Memory After Playback

Basically, if I play a directshow file and then select another directshow file to play, Winamp does not unload the filters for the previous file. How do I know this? I have a number of filters which use system tray icons and these stubbornly remain (and are 100% accessible) even after playback has ended and a different file is playing. It appears that if I actually stop the file, and then select a different file, the filter is correctly unloaded, but if I just select another file without stopping the previous file or Winamp auto-advances to the next file, the filters remain in memory. I do realise that several of these filters are obviously 3rd-party, but I'm guessing if Microsoft's own default filters used system tray icons, they would remain visible after playback as outlined above.

I'm running Windows XP Service Pack 2 with filters from the K-Lite Codec Pack v2.65 (please don't scream at me.. ). The behaviour occurs with all filters (i.e. DirectVobSub, ffdshow and more). I'm using Winamp 5.13.

Can someone confirm this as an issue, its rather annoying when the system tray fills with 8 or more filter tray icons and you have no-idea which one refers to the current playing file...

Also.. while I'm moaning about DirectShow, Winamp blindly assumes all DirectShow files are 'videos' (i.e. media library type = 1). Would be nice if Winamp actually detected if a directshow file has video, or is just audio only, in which case should be type = 0.


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