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Question Combining CDs of one album


i just bought the pro version and am very fond of it! There is just one thing I can't quite figure out: If an album consists of several CDs - how do I tell winamp to play the whole album instead of just one CD?

I have checked my ID-Tags with Mp3Tag and the tags are correct. All unneccecery tags have been removed and the tags that still exist differ only in artist, track, title and cd-number. So, when I view the album list in winamp I get every CD of an album listed as an individual album. And as that is a bit annoying as I don't want to switch the album every time on CD reaches the end I'd like to ask this fine forum for the solution of that question.
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Lightbulb Problem solved

All righty,

although I am kind of wondering why no one knew the answer - I found out by accident. The solution to the problem is to declare all CDs of an album as part of a compilation (meta-tag "COMPILATION", value "1"). With that tag set, winamp will consider all CDs as part of one album and will treat it as so.

Hopefully I have helped some of you guys in that issue.
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winamp doesn't allow editing of comp tags and only recently stopped the bad behavior of deleting them, (thanks to us in the forums). albumartist tags can accomplish the same thing, but honestly your question was a bit vague. if an album shares album tags and artist or albumartist tags, then barring any other tags, it will show as one album, with or without comp tags, (in winamp, i can't say about winamp for android. it might take folder location into account which pc winamp does not).

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