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remote desktop bad directsound driver

I am using winamp 2.xx with a shoutcast server. I was doing it for a long time, using remote desktop to control the playlist. Now all of the sudden I am getting this error:
DirectSound output v2.2.6 error
bad directsound driver. please install propper drivers or select another driver configuration. Error code:8878000a

I tried it from a computer in my network and it worked fine. So I tried from a different computer outside my network and got the same error. So for some reason it appears that I am only having the problem from outside my network. So I decided to try another method. I used a plugin that allows control of winamp from over the internet, and even that caused the same error. The weird thing is that all of this used to work and just quit. Any thoughts???
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First, install the most current version of Winamp and the update pack. Thanks. Then post back here if you have further issues.
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That wasnt it. This may sound odd, it did when I heard it. But it worked. I had to disable fast user switching in my control panel. Once I did that, it worked fine again. very strange. i HAVE NO IDEA what that had to do with it but it worked.
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Same problem here. Windows XP Pro SP1, WinAmp 5.04.

It is a Remote Desktop issue. Sound was played on the remote computer. All of a sudden without any warning, and after weeks of use, Winamp refused to play mp3 (or streams) and said -

DirectSound Output v2.2.10 error

However, if the controlling desktop is tweaked so that the sound output is play on the controlling (local) computer instead of the remote, Winamp works.

The indicated solution here worked. Go to Control Panel->User Accounts-> Enable Fast Switching, and turn it off. Then you can play with the sound going to the remote computer. The Lord (MS) surely works in mysterious ways.

Furthermore, I went and turned Fast Switching back on (for some reason it told me to turn off "Offline Files" - tho I had never turned it on). Winamp contintued to work.

Thanks n8scstm

So now I have Winamp and Fast Switching of Users. If Winamp dies, then I suppose I will have to recycle Fast Switching.
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figured i'd resurrect this instead of creating a new thread.

i'm using windows xp sp3 with winamp 5.54. this has been an intermittent issue for me for years on multiple computers, service packs, and multiple versions of winamp. i never play sound from the remote pc when using remote desktop.

i've seen 3 different things happen with the error message:

1. error pops up, and when logging into remote pc at its location, winamp is no longer playing, but is open. close error message, winamp closes.

2. error comes up & winamp is still playing. when closing error message, winamp closes. of course i would only know if winamp is still playing or not because when closing the error window i was then at the remote pc (remember, i do not play sound from the remote pc to the one i access it from).

3. the worst - remote desktop is inaccessible. i get back to the remote pc (home) & there's the error. i close the error window, winamp closes, i reopen it again, and it acts normal (for now).

here's some other interesting info - i recently began using a kvm switch at home. when i switch from one pc to the other, the pc running winamp gets the error. i'm beginning to wonder if this problem goes beyond remote desktop.

i love winamp and have been using it many years, but if it continues to deny me access to my remote desktop, i will have to stop using it
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