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wtf mate

So one minute I'm looking at the pictures I downloaded off my camera on my computer, and the next I'm back out in the living room, checking up on my dad's computer since my little half-brother must have gotten into a site that put a whole shitload of spyware on my dad's computer...I come back into my room to burn a CD for my dad, and I've got a blue screen on my monitor, and a small window of what appears to be Windows XP trying to reinstall some programs on my computer...

Aww, fuck, before knowing what had happened, I knew what already happened...After XP was done with it's software thing, it went to my desktop; GONE, with exception for the recycle bin...Personal stuff in the My Documents folder; GONE...Everything under the Start Menu Programs list; GONE...In general, the things under my XP profile name; GONE...Oddly enough, everything the OS needed to run was still there, as was everything else on my computer, such as the programs...The only thing that was wiped was my XP profile stuff, leaving only default, empty folders behind...Luckily, when I ran a disk scan for any viruses or spyware (Of which it found nothing except for one insignificant suspicious file), I noticed there was a folder that XP had apparently backed up my profile files in...I got everything mostly back to how it was before, but that ain't the point, since I've had some minor problems with my computer, but nothing that's resulted in something that drastic...Plus, there are still some registry files that are missing that prevent me from running some other programs or burning CDs...

Anyone got an idea of what might have happened? A bug in Windows XP? A virus? Hackers? NSA? Eh?

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