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Virtual DJ Setup for Shoutcast

I've been reading all the posts about Virtual DJ and Shotcast but i wanted to get one thing straight:

There are 3 Steps to be able to broadcast using Virtual DJ

1. Shoutcast DNAS (i downloaded the GUI)
I read the readme file and went into the "Edit Shotcast DNS configuration" where i changed the number of listeners, the port being 8001 and the password being the same one for the DSP sc.dll and the same one on the Virtual DJ setup screen.

2. I downloaded Winamp and the DSP Plugin. Clicked on the Nullsoft DSPv1.9.0 and the window with the DSP setup comes up. Input is soundcard. Open Mixer part doesnt shows the "choose "what you hear" or "stereomix" as you windows default recording device in windows soundcard settings" so I dont know what am missing there. My SOundcard config is setup so that my Hercules RMX is the device to use for recording and voice.

3. I have Virtual DJ PRO and i configure the broadcastin feature as instructed by the VDJ forums.

So here are the questions:

1. Do you have to start these 3 steps in a particular sequence? Usually if i open Winamp prior to Virtual DJ, Virtual DJ gives me an ASIO Driver error.
2. Do you need to have the DNAs, Winamp when using Virtual DJ? I thought only DNAs and VDJ would work as VDJ has their own Broadcasting setup.
3. I read this in a forum and i dont think it makes sense but Do you need 2 computers? (one with virtual dj to connect via audio cable into the other PC) and the other PC to connect to shoutcast?

Thanks for any help on this matter
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Answer to 1 and 2. you wont need winamp, as you say virtual dj has it's own shoutcast source setup. DNAS need to be running before a source can connect to it

3. if your PC can handle it (CPU wise, and unless you have a pretty old PC), there's no need for more than one PC

"If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

So I did
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I am using Virtual DJ Pro v5 to broadcast and i try to connect the the Shoutcast DNAS server on my pc but it wount connect to it..Virtual DJ just says "Can't connect"

Here are the settings in Virtual DJ..

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Rumors have surfaced that, and I am not saying this is definitely the case for you nor am I suggesting you did this, the broadcast functions do not work in pirated versions VDJ ...
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Virtual DJ Setup for Shoutcast

I will know, many thanks for an explanation.
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virualdj works on pirated versions for shoutcast

hi there first of people say they can't broadcast with a cracked version of virtualdj the answer to that is yes you can when you load your virtual dj put in your station settings hit broadcast if your firewall comes up and says virtual server is trying to access internet press block .then that should allow you to kick live and direct to shoutcast ive tried it it seemed to off worked
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You or could buy the software you make a living off using.

Shocking, but true.
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