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unicode::Unicode2Ansi pushes to much onto the stack


When I'm using the function unicode::FileUnicode2Ansi the first value from my stack disappeares.

I've tested it using the following code:
Push "test"

unicode::FileUnicode2Ansi "${DISKS::_countFile}" "${DISKS::_countFile}_tmp" AUTO
Pop $R0
${If} "$R0" != 0
${LogErr} "Converting $\"${DISKS::_countFile}$\" to ANSI failed!"
Goto _end

Pop $R3
MessageBox MB_OK "$R3"
Pop $R3
MessageBox MB_OK "$R3"

I would expect "test" as text of the first message box. Instead, i get "UTF-16LE|UCS-2LE" for the first message box and "test" at the second one.

The readme file of the plug-in shows only one push. Am I doing something wrong or is it a error of the plug-in itself?



Note: I've it's a bug of the plugin that will be fixed, could it please be fixed for version 1.0 too? I've tested both plugins for the error, because I'm using v 1.0 since v1.1 does create empty unicode files for me (with the same code that works fine for v1.0).

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