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Interface upgrade

this is a whishlist so here's my wish:

Winamp is the best music player out there. In terms of functionality, nothing beats it. I tried every other program out there - Media Monkey, iTunes, WMP - and they don't come even close. I've always come back to Winamp.

Praise aside, I think Winamp is falling behind in terms of interface. I'm not talking about custom skins (they add little value to the regular user). I'm talking about OS integration. Since windows 7 came out, incredible advances in window manipulations have made my computer use faster and easier. In fact you might call me a power user of interface, constantly messing around with rocketdocks and taskbar plugins. Maybe this is why i'm one of the first to cry out along with a few others because Winamp stubbornly refuses to follow the same rules as every other software; changing place when switching screen setup (i'm using a laptop, I do this 3 or 4 times per day for work and at home), maximizing and minimizing properly (oh and honestly the windowshade mode is really useless since it still hides everthing else) and snapping to the same edges as the other programs. This make for a frustrating experience overall, that diminishes the wonderful functionality of the rest of the software.

For example the adobe creative suite (which I use at work everyday) got a major interface update with CS4, and even though they barely upgraded the functionality, I still consider it's the best upgrade they've done for years.

Integrating Winamp in Windows 7's aero is not just a wish, it's a necessity. Bloating software with more features can only get you so far. In the end it's how well the software can be used that will determine how satisfying it is, and right now, there is plenty of room to grow in that area.

It's a completely reasonable wish, and I really think it would benefit everyone if Winamp complied to the new Windows standards.
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