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Organize for me

I used to have an iPhone and therefore used iTunes, but since I no longer have one, I am switching back to Winamp. There is one thing that I got really used to and really enjoyed. I don't know exactly what to call it, so I'll explain the functionality and you can tell me what I can do.

I download an album to my desktop. I would drag this folder onto iTunes and drop it there. iTunes would then copy all the files inside the folder into its own folder that it manages. I can then delete the folder on the desktop, as they are saved somewhere else.

Within the folder that iTunes manages, it's oragnized as you would expect: iTunes/[Artist]/[Album]/[Songs].

Now here's the functionality that I really care about. If I were to change the info for a song, say change the album from "Dark Side of the Moon Remastered" to "Dark Side of the Moon", it would move that file from iTunes/Pink Floyd/Dark Side of the Moon Remastered to iTunes/Pink Floyd/Dark Side of the Moon.

Can winamp do this? I found a similar thread from 2005 that didn't have what I was looking for, but that was also 7 years ago, so I was hoping maybe something like this has been developed by now.
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