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Encoding to MP3 - where are the codecs???!

HI there

can anybody help me find the codecs which enable you to encode tracks to MP3 format with winamp. I've got the plug-in and have looked all over the place for a codec with no luck...I don't mind downloading an other program if I have to...but don't really wanna pay for anything!!


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Send a message via AIM to fish

all you need

eh, heh.
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The Windows codec comes with WMPv6.4
Fraunhofer MP3 Codec (Advanced)

This needs to be installed for most of the MP3 Output plugins to work.
However, this version will only allow you to encode with bitrates of up to 56k.
You'll need the Fraunhofer professional version to go all the way up to 320kbps.
Check your e-mail

However, there is an alternative MP3 Output plugin by PP which comes with the external LameEnc codec. You can get this here
Click the "other stuff" link in the left frame (under "Winamp stuff")
Oh, what the hell, here's a direct link

Of course, there's always Phisherman's alternative.
His is a link to CDex, a dedicated freeware ripping tool.
But you did ask how to do it with Winamp, yes?
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